Portfolio & Performance

Portfolio & Performance

The two primary goals of Fisgard are to preserve capital and provide consistent returns to its investors. In good times as well as hard times Fisgard has delivered a reasonable dividend that compares favourably with other income investments, outperforming many. Fisgard has always paid a dividend and has never suspended redemptions.

The ranking or priority of the portfolio has a significant weighting of first or senior residential mortgages.  Individual mortgages will not exceed a 75% loan to value ratio at the time of origination.

Portfolio Summary

As of September 30, 2017 (unaudited) Fisgard Capital Corporation’s investment portfolio was comprised as follows:


December 31, 2016
September 30, 2017
Other Current Assets$56,664$65,348
Limited Partnerships$28,258,381$27,119,848
Real Property$212,181$0
Less: Provisions$1,643,073$1,491,424
Less: Line of Credit($14,387,787)($27,362,546)


Investments in real property which are held directly or indirectly through limited partnerships or other vehicles, as a result of action taken to enforce the Issuer’s rights as a secured lender (for example, in a foreclosure situation).

Mortgage Investment Overview

*Data as of 30-Sep-2017 (unaudited)

Number of Mortgage Assets413
Dollar volume of mortgage assets$196,643,298
Dollar volume of 1st mortgages$186,879,270
Dollar volume of 2nd mortgages$9,764,028
Average Mortgage Term (in months)12

Dividend Track Record

Fisgard’s performance figures are based on its popular 5 & 1 year term investments. These are NET returns after all costs have been deducted. What you see is what you get. Note what our investors have received in cash dividends as well as the growth they’ve experienced by reinvesting their dividends. Nothing fancy, just solid income and growth.

Historical Returns

(Based on Fisgard’s 5-year investment)

Cash Dividend
Ave. / Year
Growth based on Reinvestment
Ave. / Year
Last 5 Years5.025%5.120%
Last 10 Years5.580%5.705%
Last 15 Years7.457%7.700%
Since 19959.046%9.400%

Quarterly Returns since 2004

Year1st Qtr2nd Qtr3rd Qtr4th QtrYearly Ave. Cash DividendYearly Ave. Reinvestment Growth
5-year Term
20175.000% 5.000% 5.250% 5.250% 5.125% 5.224%
20165.000% 5.000% 5.000%5.000%5.000%5.095%

*Data as of 31-Dec-17

Historical Growth

Our track record speaks for itself. Since 1995 we have provided investors quarter after quarter of steady uninterrupted dividends.

The Power of Compound Interest.

Fisgard Investors achieve growth simply by reinvesting their dividends.

See how $25,000 invested in Fisgard starting January 2010 grew to $33,822 by January 1, 2016.


See how $25,000 invested in Fisgard starting January 1995 grew to $176,296 by January 1, 2016.